HiWi: Entwicklung synthetischer 360° Videosequenzen in Blender

Gesucht wird eine motivierte studentische Hilfskraft (HiWi) zur Entwicklung synthetischer 360° Videosequenzen in Blender. Bewerbungen sind in englischer und deutscher Sprache möglich. Weitere Einzelheiten können der folgenden Stellenbeschreibung entnommen werden.


360° cameras are able to capture a complete surround view of the 3D space, allowing new workflows and applications to emerge. As such, 360° videos can be applied to generate immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experiences or to increase flexibility in the post-production workflow for regular 2D videos. However, the 360° experience comes at the cost of huge amounts of data that needs to be stored and transmitted efficiently. While there exist many video compression standards like AVC or the newer HEVC that achieve a considerable compression of the original video data, they have not been specifically adapted to the special characteristics of 360° videos. To develop the next generation of 360° video compression algorithms, a large amount of uncompressed video data is required in order to guarantee a reliable evaluation of their performance. As such datasets are not publicly available, we aim to create and publish our own dataset consisting of synthetic and real-world 360° video sequences.

Your responsibility in this project is to model 3D environments in Blender and render them as 360° videos. For each 3D model, a number of animations need to be implemented to achieve various distinct motion characteristics. Special effort should go into adapting the rendering parameters to minimize noise in the final results.

This project is not affiliated to or in cooperation with, nor does it stand in any other connection to the Blender Foundation. Logo usage for visualization purposes only.

What we expect

  • strong motivation for learning and mastering new tools
  • experience in programming languages such as Python or C++
  • experience with 3D software such as Blender

What we offer

  • flexible hours that allow you to balance your studies and working experience
  • creative environment that supports the implementation of your own ideas


Applications are possible in German and English. Please include a cover letter, your CV and your latest transcripts of records. Send your application including all documents to


Andy Regensky, M.Sc.